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Music/Musicians/Visual:  Final Tribute Funeral Services is released from all responsibility to provide certain musical selection(s), securing musician(s), and/or providing equipment for the service. As well, the family must provide the electronic equipment needed for production including CD/DVD player, laptop, boom box, sound system, visual, etc.  Final Tribute must have 72 hours notice prior to the service date, contracted and verbal agreement with the family requesting the mortuary provide music, and/or secure a musician(s),  and/or equipment.  


Floral Deliveries:  The floral reception at the mortuary is a courtesy to the family, but the responsibility, welfare, timing and delivery of floral arrangements is solely that of the family and florist.  Final Tribute is not responsible for the welfare, delivery and transport from the mortuary to another location (churches, cemetery, chapel, residence, etc.)


Casket Information:  A selection of caskets, alternative containers, urns, and other items are available.  In addition, the prices for each are on display or readily available for your inspection.  A complete price list is available upon request.  We offer the following in order to assist you in making an informed decision.  Prices vary depending on the required and/or selected services, container, size, and/or merchandise.  "There is no evidence that any casket represented as having protective features, which may include a gasket, will preserve human remains."


Protective or Gasketed Caskets:  These caskets are designed by the manufacturer to resist the entrance of air, water, or other outside elements. They may be constructed of varying gauges of steel, copper, or bronze. 


Non-Protective or Non-Gasketed Caskets:  These caskets are not designed by the manufacturer to resist the entrance of air, water, or other outside elements.  They may be constructed of metal, hardwood, wood products, cardboard, or covered with fabric.


Alternative Containers:  These alternatives to caskets may be constructed of materials such as fiberboard, pressed wood, hardwood, composition materials (with or without outside coverings) or like materials.


Disclaimer of Warranty on Caskets – Accessory(ies) - Goods:  The only warranty of the casket or any merchandise sold in connection with this service is the express written warranty, if any, granted by the manufacturer.  This mortuary makes no warranty, expressed or implied, including an implied warranty of merchantability and an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the casket, outer burial container, and/or other merchandise.


Additionally, it is the family’s responsibility to present us with a legible copy to work from.  A phone contact must be provided and accessible.  We prefer to work from copies that are typewritten.  Everyone’s handwriting is different and sometimes it is not possible to decipher some handwriting.  We understand the pressure the family is under, but it cannot be understated how important the legibility and completeness of the documents/program/display item(s) is to us.  We will make every effort to provide a review copy for the family &/or mortuary to proof if requested, but due to time constraints, that is not always possible. 

Program/Obituary/Memorial Merchandise Information

Final Tribute requests that all program/notice(s), order of service, obituary, and/or merchandise information be submitted no later than three (3) days (72 hours) prior to the scheduled service or publication date.  If the family produces a custom/other provider program and/or display item, Final Tribute request the completed programs/items be delivered to the service director at least one (1) hour prior to the scheduled service time.


We make every attempt to make each service/item personalized and to your specifications.   Unfortunately, with a time constraint, it is not always possible to meet all of your needs.  We will make every attempt to meet your exact specifications, but when necessary, we will use the next closest option.  If the color/size of the item(s) you chose is not available one of two things is possible: we can make the service/item you specified to our standards, and/or coincide with the service color design and/or theme.  Either way, you are ensured a beautiful display.


On some occasions, it is necessary to make changes in grammar and punctuation.  Or require additional wording, such as: an acknowledgement or poem to complete them.  A saying and/or short poem is sometimes added to fill out the program or accessory.  A general acknowledgement may also be added.


All documents are to be written legibly, printed, or typed.  All photographs (whether black and white or color) must be clear and viewable.  Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the correctness, and/or quality of the final printed item(s).  These requests are necessary in order to ensure timeliness of the proof, and/or desire to make any major changes prior to service/issuance.  



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