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Please be advised that Final Tribute is not responsible for making any arrangements for burial, interment, or inurnment of an At-Need case with any cemetery unless contracted to do so.  The contracting party must make all arrangements and consult Final Tribute at least two (2) days prior to schedule a service date.  It is your responsibility as the contracting party to choose a cemetery and handle all financial arrangements with the cemetery of your choice for the interment/burial, including but not limited to opening and closing and/or purchase of site by physically going to the cemetery and making these arrangements.  You must pay any additional fees and complete any documentation required by the cemetery and confirm service date and time with both Cemetery and Final Tribute (2) days prior to selection of any service date.  


Note: Please be advised that a non-declinable fee for Professional Services is added to any funeral arrangements you select.  Prices for the funeral service may vary depending on the decedent's size/weight, services, casket, and/or merchandise selected. Decedents over the age of twelve (12) are considered for adult priced services. 


Should it be necessary to first deliver the remains to Final Tribute and/or hold them requiring embalming and/or additional preparation/dressing, and then proceed with delivery to a cemetery, crematory, or common carrier, coroner fees, merchandise, formal viewing of remains, additional transportation costs, funeral and/or memorial ceremony additional charges will be incurred, as well as applicable Sales tax.  Our immediate burial packages are without viewing and without any rites or ceremonies at the funeral home, graveside, or elsewhere.  Internment is to be unscheduled and un-witnessed.  Immediate burial services include: transfer of the remains to/from Final Tribute within a 65 mile radius, care and casketing, statistical processing of one (1) death certificate and one (1) burial permit per case, sheltering and handling of remains, delivery.  


Note:  Remains and/or containers must meet applicable State and/or cemetery requirements.  If an immediate burial is desired, an unfinished wood box, solid hardwood, or an alternative container may be used.  Alternative containers may be constructed of materials such as: fiberboard, pressed wood, hardwood, composition materials (with or without outside coverings) or like materials.  


Note:  Vaults or grave liners are not required by law, but cemeteries may have their own policy requiring them since they keep the ground from settling after burial and make mowing and maintenance easier.  Most vaults completely surround the casket in concrete or other material.  Grave liners only cover the top and sides.  Neither is designed to prevent eventual decomposition of human remains.  

Note:  Contracting parties responsible and/or interested parties, survivors, assume all liability for any identification of remains, goods, warranties, and/or services rendered by Final Tribute Funeral Services and all parties hereby agree to indemnify and hold Final Tribute Funeral Services and its officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, employees, successors and assigns harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, suits, cost, or causes of action (including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation) brought by any person, firm or corporation of the personal representative thereof, relating to or arising out of such failure to identify decedent(s), and/or all actions and services provided by the aforementioned funeral establishment.




Fulfill your or a loved one's request for cremation with professional, quality services at Final Tribute Funeral Services. 

•    Refrigeration in lieu of embalming (maximum of 24 hours holding without charges).
•    Primary functions of a Funeral Director.
•    Per case processing paperwork for one (1) disposition permit & one (1) death certificate, (Additional cost for additional documents)
•    Sheltering/Handling of remains. (Weight of decedent to 200 pounds - over 200 pounds is additional costs).
•    Removal within sixty (65) mile radius.
•    Delivery/Transfer to Crematory.
•    Temporary Box Urn Container.

Our direct cremation packages include removal, refrigeration, cremation, delivery, and/or disposition with listed containers.  It is based on non-ceremony services and nonspecific dates.  After obtaining the necessary disposition permit, the minimum time frame is ten (10) business days, excluding weekends, for cremation package completion.  Price for the service will vary depending on the container, services, weight, physical size, medically inserted equipment and/or prosthetics with the remains, merchandise, and services selected. This charge does not include additional weight requirements, coroner fees, merchandise, viewing of remains, additional transportation costs, or funeral and/or memorial ceremony.  Should it be necessary to first deliver the remains to Final Tribute and/or Crematory hold them (requiring embalming or refrigeration), dressing and/or casketing, if embalming is authorized and then proceed with delivery to a cemetery or a crematory, additional fees and/or taxes will be incurred. Decedents over the age of twelve (12) are considered for adult priced services.

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