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Flower Arrangement

Final Tribute Funeral Services

To those we are privileged to serve,

First, let us extend our deepest condolences for the circumstances with which you find yourself seeking funeral, burial or cremation services and merchandise.  We are committed to helping you and your family through this difficult time with dignity, honesty and compassion.


Final Tribute Funeral Services is an At-Need mortuary and Do Not offer Pre-Need Insurance or Agreement.  We are pleased to present all services readily available to our clients and accept insurance policy.  Please Note: A required non-declinable fee for the Professional Services is added to the total cost of any funeral arrangements and/or package you may select, which are basic services of the mortuary, funeral director and/or staff, overhead, administrative, clerical services, and including 24-hour phone service.  Services rendered by Final Tribute Funeral Services and Staff are nontaxable.  We understand that there may be special requests not itemized or packaged within the following pages.  Should there be a special item, service, or other request for which you desire additional information, please bring it to the attention of your funeral director.  We hope this package list will help you select the funeral services and merchandise that will best meet the needs of your loved one.  In addition to the General Price List, there are additional supplemental price lists of specific items for review upon your request.  This list does not include and/or detail certain items that you be required to pay for and/or purchase: such as coroner fees, clergy fees, casket and/or style/size upgrade, newspaper notices, insurance policy processing fees, and/or those items which you may ask Final Tribute Funeral Services to purchase on your behalf from outside vendors (i.e. government documents, cemetery site, flowers, transportation, airfare, etc.)  You will be notified of these costs and the prices will be listed and itemized on your contract or statement.

Disclosure Statement:  Prior to drafting any contract for goods and services, the responsible party or the decedent’s survivor who is handling the funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a copy of any preneed agreement in the possession of the funeral establishment that has been signed and paid for, in full or in part, by or on behalf of the decedent.

If you have a complaint about a funeral establishment or service, please try to first settle it with management. For more information on funeral, cemetery, crematory, and hydrolysis  matters, contact:  Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau  1625 North Market Blvd, Ste. S-208, Sacramento, California 95834. Phone: 800-952-5210, TDD: 800-326-2297, Complaint Requests:  916-574-7870, or

For unresolved complaints about retail casket outlets please contact the local District Attorney’s Office.

The California Health and Safety Code lists the persons who have the right to make decisions about disposition arrangements after an individual’s death unless other written instructions are left: (1) an attorney-in-fact under a Durable Power of Attorney for health care, (2) spouse or State-Registered Domestic Partner, (3) adult children, (4) parents, (5) other surviving competent adult kin, (6) The surviving competent adult person or persons respectively in the next degrees of kinship or, if there is more than one surviving competent adult person of the same degree of kinship, the majority of those persons vested with the rights & duties if those persons have used reasonable efforts to notify all other surviving competent adult person of the same degree of kinship of their instructions and are not aware of any opposition to those instructions by the majority of all surviving competent adult persons of the same degree of kinship, (7) A conservator of the person appointed under Part 3 (commencing with Section 1800) of Division 4 of the Probate Code when the decedent has sufficient assets, (8) A conservator of the estate appointed under Part 3 (commencing with Section 1800) of Division 4 of the Probate Code when the decedent has sufficient assets.  NOTE:  Exceptions may apply in certain situations.


Death Certificate Vital Information:  All information given to the counselor at the time of funeral arrangements is made must be the correct vital information prior to filing with the local Public Health Registar’s Office & the State of California or additional filing fees will apply.  It is the contracting party’s responsibility to provide the counselor with correct timely vital information.  If the information given is incorrect after the filing process has occurred with the State of California, the death certificate must be amended and the process may take several months and the contracting party will be held responsible for all additional charges to amend the death certificate and/or disposition permit; as well as any fees/liabilities/assignments incurred with the mortuary, and/or officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, employees, successors and assignees.

You may select any of the packages, services, items, and merchandise listed, and will be charged only for those chosen, and estimates of costs which are unknown at the time, and/or any costs incurred.  However, please note that any funeral arrangements you select will include a non-declinable fee for Professional Services which are basic services of the Funeral Director and/or staff, overhead, administrative and clerical services. Credit card, applicable merchandise sales tax, and/or insurance policy processing fees-5% to 16% will be added to the total cost of the selected funeral package, merchandise, and services purchased.  By law, should legal or other requirements dictate the purchase of services or merchandise you do not specifically request, and/or may not be written into the initial contract agreement, we must explain the reasons, in writing, within the contract provided which describes the funeral services and merchandise selected and will be provided to you.  Remains and /or containers must meet applicable state and/or cemetery requirements.  The law does not require the purchase of a casket prior to cremation.  An alternative combustible container (AC) may be used. 


"There is no evidence that any casket represented as having protective features, which may include a gasket, will preserve human remains."

Indemnity Acknowledgement:  Contracting parties, responsible and/or interested parties, survivors, assume all liability for any identification of remains, personal property and/or merchandise, and any subsequent incident or injury arising while services are rendered by Final Tribute Funeral Services.   All parties hereby agree to indemnify and hold Final Tribute Funeral Services and its officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, employees, successors harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, suits, cost, or causes of action (including attorney fees and expenses of litigation) brought by any person, claimant(s), firm, or corporation of the personal representative thereof, relating to or arising out of such failure to identify decedent(s) and/or all actions and goods, and/or services provided by the aforementioned funeral establishment.


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